Design Inspiration: Antique Faucets

And we’re back with another round of design inspo! This time, it’s all about antique kitchen faucets. Or rather the antique look. Of course, we all want the safety, convenience and spray patterns of modern plumbing!

One of the biggest trends in this category is undeniably gold/brass finishes. Love them or hate them, they’re certainly popular. I love gold hardware, but I also agree that it’s not for everyone and may or may not last the test of time. And as beautiful and sturdy-looking as brass can be, I probably wouldn’t put it in my own home.

So what would I choose? Chrome. Sure, it’s not the most exciting right now, but it’s timeless and the best choice if future resale is at all in the back of your mind. Which, if you’re living in Vancouver or Toronto, it most certainly is at top of mind, never mind on the back burner. Plus, in these antique styles, I quite like the chrome finish. A slightly tarnished silver or pewter look would be even more luxurious!

What are your thoughts on kitchen faucet styles and colours?


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